New Pond Construction

Pond Creation Process

Looking to create a pond, we can help

There are many reasons to want to have a pond on your property and whether you are looking for agricultural (live stock pond), aesthetic (increase the look and value of your home), or recreational (fishing,swimming)uses we can help.  Call us today to start the process, we can help you from start to finish and can continue to support your pond in the future maintenance to keep it looking beautiful for years to come.


Step 1: Picking a site

This is the most important step as picking a bad site will impact your ponds success or failure rate.   Picking a good site can decrease the largest cost which is earth moving and creation of the dam.  You want a site that can have the smallest dam to maintain the biggest surface of water, with a depth of at least 5 feet.  You will need to make sure you pond has some way to fill up as well.

There are three sources of water for you new pond:

  • Rain water runoff
    • This is the best way to fill up your new pond, but you will need adequate vegetation to prevent muddy water and premature siltation of your pond.
  • Ground water
    • This is water pumped from wells, this can be a good supplementary source but should not be used as your primary source of water.
  • Surface water
    • This is water from springs, streams or rivers and pumping maybe required to get the water to your pond.  If you are using a steam that flows into your pond you may require a silt pre-pond to prevent it from filling up your new pond with mud and debris.


Step 2: Constructing the pond

Once a location is set the best type of pond can be determined from embankment, excavated or levee ponds.  Depending on the size, location, and intended use of your pond permits may be necessary and should be started during this process.  Construction costs can vary greatly from pond to pond and allot of times creating a large pond can be cheaper on a per acre bias than a smaller one.

The construction process will vary from the type of pond determined to be the best for your site, but will likely include site preparation including removing any trees and preparing the service on which the dam and spillways will be created.


Step 3: Maintenance of your new pond

After all the earth moving is done and your new pond is created and awaiting water, the work is still not done.  All surrounding areas need to be planted with some sort of vegetation and you will need to make sure to keep trees from growing on your dam.


Give us a call today to get your new pond creation process started, we can help from start to finish in the process to create a pond you will enjoy for a lifetime.