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No More Cattails!

We have two ponds that needed attention.  We had cattails and some seeping through the dams of both ponds.  We also wanted to have our small pond overflow into our large pond via a rock spillway.  We called A1 Excavating and Philip came out quickly to give us recommendations and an estimate.  We had him do the job and some extra.  He also fixed our overflow of the big pond and “beefed up” our dams with dirt from the back of our property. We came in a tiny bit over estimate with all our extra tasks but still kept it reasonable.  Philip showed a genuine concern for expenses over our estimate even though WE added them on.  We are very happy with the outcome of all his work, even though the weather was not so cooperative all the time.  Philip was very good about keeping us posted on progress and concerns through the whole process.  We now have a much cleaner and easier to maintain yard. No more cattails!!!

Thank you A1 Excavating!
Mike and Cindy
Before work started

Review of dredging & repairing existing pond

Category : Testimonial

The pictures say a lot.  Our existing pond had overgrowth on the banks, loads of organic material sitting along the shoreline, plus, we had no idea what kind of condition the dam was in. 

Phillip came and gave us a reasonable estimate for clearing the banks, dredging the pond, and repairing the dam if needed.  He didn’t try to oversell us with making our pond bigger. He was very much trying to keep our costs low. 

He and his son, John, did what they said they would do and the project came out as expected.  Actually, better than what we expected. 

My husband and I are very pleased with our “new” pond and we are very grateful for Phillip and John’s experience and attention to detail. We look forward to working with Phillip and his crew in the future.

Dan and Damara Friederich