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Septic System Install

Category : Septic

New installation of septic system.

Lateral Line Connection
Tank Install

Controlling Cattails

Category : Pond

This pond had a thick layer of cattails surrounding the entire bank making the pond unusable. Removing this evasive weed can be hard as they are likely to grow back next year if you just cut them off or pull them by hand.



Dredging to increase the depth of the pond edge is the one of the most permanent solutions available.  Cattails are unlikely to grow back if the depth at the edge is greater than 18 inches.



Watch out for Muskrats

Category : Pond

Spring is here and muskrats are active and looking for new homes.  If you see something like this swimming in your pond then you need to take action now.

These guys can damage your pond by digging into the sides or dam and causing your pond to leak or even have the dam break.  Most of the time there holes are below water level so they might be hard to spot. They are omnivorous but feed mostly on aquatic vegetation, cattales being a favorite.

If you suspect you have muskrat living in you pond take action today before it is too late.